Sunday, July 31, 2011

Significance of Hydrosphere in our Life

        It is so easy sometimes to take our Hydrosphere for granted and we seldom take the time to really think about the role that this part of the planet plays in keeping us alive. Water is our armor in surviving the battle in life. Without water, we cant eat,drink,take a bath,wash our clothes and all the things we do which water is really needed. Water is very important in our daily lives.

        It is a human need. Human needs and uses water in many ways. It is obviously very important in our lives. We use it in cooking,washing our clothes,watering the plants & many more.
        We really also need it for drinking and some other purposes that the presence of water is really needed. Water can also be used to generate electricity through "Hydro Power Plants".
        Water also provides habitat. Hydrosphere provides an important place for animals to live. Examples are seas,oceans & rivers. These are the places were special kind animals & underwater creatures lives like fishes. The people who live nearby oceans have the opportunity to have a work like fisherman, they can catch fishes in the seas and sell it to the market to have some profit. Oceans,seas, & rivers have many benefits in humans life.
         Hydrosphere can also regulate climate. One of water's unique characteristics is its high specific heat. This means that water takes a long time to heat up and a long time to cool down. This is important in helping regulate temperatures on earth so that they stay within a range that is acceptable for life to exist.
         Imagine life without Hydrosphere or known as water? It is worthless & surely we will die. Water is powerful and precious. We should take good care for it is the reason why we are still in our planet earth today.

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